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Currently, there are many entertainment games appearing and being loved, especially the series of crossword puzzles with movie themes such as posterdle or moviedle. Likewise, they released a game dedicated to Anime lovers. This is a game that challenges your understanding of anime movies, how many anime do you know? Are you sure you will guess its name just from the pictures?

Animedle borrows the fundamentals but adds an anime flair. Instead of guessing a word, you're trying to name an anime. Sounds simple, doesn't it? However, there is one important wrinkle to consider.

This game will start with a one-second clip from the entire anime, from which the player must guess the theme of the day. For each incorrect or missed prediction, a longer, slower version of the movie is unlocked.

You do not need to download Animedle to play it; you can play it for free on our website. It's already there, and all you have to do is press the start button to begin playing this fascinating game.

The same is true for phones, tablets, and computers. The only requirement for playing is that you stay connected to the Internet at all times. The clip will play for one second when you press the play button. Skip ahead and press the play button again if you don't get the answer. You can skip the clip until you don't understand it, but only so far. This limit is set at six opportunities. Yes, you will only have six chances to guess the movie correctly. Aside from that, you are only permitted to play this game once per day. Every day, a new section is added.

The poster will be blurred if you recognize the name of the anime guess. If the answer is not correct, the poster will continue to be shown a clearer version. You are allowed to answer wrong 5 times. It is worth noting that you are not required to guess each time; instead, you can simply skip until you believe you know the answer. You can't also rewind the video, so be sure to pay attention.


How to play animedle

Using Mouse

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