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Blackpink Heardle

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Blackpink Heardle

The only thing that sets Blackpink Heardle apart from the other Heardles is that the former only features Blackpink songs. One Blackpink Heardle from the group's discography is chosen at random for each. The sole proprietors of all copyrights are YG Entertainment and all relevant artists.

This game was influenced by Wordle. Each day, one Wordle game may only be played. You have six chances to choose the daily word properly. Heardle's goal is to recognize the music in seven trials.

Where can I find games with Blackpink Heardle?

In contrast to wordle, heardle focuses on developing the hearing ear and effectively built on wordle's great success. Supporters also broke the internet as they shared their results on social media. Fans also rejoiced whenever they properly identified a song and progressed in their quest to become the ultimate Kpop fan! Additionally, it's easy to play the games for free online. They only need to search online for the specific heardle they want to play. You may test one by clicking here!

How to play Blackpink Heardle

You get six chances to correctly identify the Blackpink song of the day in Blackpink Heardle. You can preview the song to get a rough idea. Even if it's one of their best-known tracks, it won't take long for someone who is familiar with their music to recognize it.

Use the skip button to hear more of the song. The next step is to enter your guess in the text field, select the suggested song, and press the submit button.

The players that properly predict in the fewest tries are those who support Blackpink. When the player gets it right, the appropriate song plays and sharing options and a link to the song on Spotify are displayed so that followers may brag about their accomplishments online. You have the option of tweeting your findings to other BLINKs.

Aside from "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du," other songs with cheerful tunes and lyrics about love and passion include "As If It's Your Last" and "Playing With Fire." While Jisoo and Rosé's voices are layered over acoustic melodies in "Stay," the group's other rare ballad, Jennie and Lisa raps more softly.

You shouldn't be choosy, even though Blackpink doesn't receive many songs. Also, keep an eye out for the members' well-known solo and b-side tunes. It's never too late to join the BLINK community.

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