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Crazy Candy Parrot

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Crazy Candy Parrot

Crazy Candy Parrot is a delightful logic-based puzzle game that challenges players to engage their minds and problem-solving skills. In this game, the primary objective is to feed a colorful parrot using various candies, which may come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The game combines fun and strategy to create an entertaining and mentally stimulating gaming experience.


  1. Logic Puzzles: "Crazy Candy Parrot" presents players with a series of puzzles that involve feeding a hungry parrot. The catch is that the candies must be placed in a specific order or manner to satisfy the parrot's appetite.

  2. Color and Shape Matching: The candies are often differentiated by color and shape. Players need to carefully observe the parrot's preferences and the candy's attributes to determine the correct feeding sequence.

  3. Brain Teasers: As players progress through the game, the puzzles become increasingly challenging. They may involve complex patterns, timing, or spatial reasoning, requiring players to think critically and plan their moves carefully.

  4. Limited Resources: In some levels, players might have a limited supply of candies or limited moves, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. Efficient candy placement becomes crucial to success.

  5. Unlockable Levels: "Crazy Candy Parrot" may feature a progression system where players can unlock new levels, each offering a unique set of challenges and puzzles to solve.


  • Mental Stimulation: The game offers a mentally engaging experience, promoting problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning.

  • Color and Shape Recognition: Players can improve their color and shape recognition skills as they match candies to the parrot's preferences.

  • Entertainment: The combination of colorful graphics, cheerful animations, and challenging puzzles makes "Crazy Candy Parrot" an enjoyable pastime.

  • Accessible Gameplay: The game's intuitive interface and straightforward mechanics make it accessible to players of various ages and skill levels.

  • Progressive Difficulty: With increasing complexity as players advance through levels, "Crazy Candy Parrot" ensures that the challenges remain stimulating and rewarding.

In summary, Crazy Candy Parrot is a logic-based puzzle game that provides players with a fun and mentally stimulating experience. With its colorful visuals, engaging puzzles, and strategic gameplay, it's a game that can entertain and challenge players while enhancing their problem-solving abilities. Whether played casually or as a brain-teasing exercise, it offers a delightful way to exercise the mind.

How to play Crazy Candy Parrot

Using Mouse

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