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The DeWordle game is an ingenious combination of Scrabble and OT. It is a word game that blends crossword puzzles and the card game rummy. The game is played with the same 52-letter Scrabble set. However, instead of the tiles laid out in a standard Scrabble board or layout, a quarter circle is placed to mimic the layout of cards in a poker hand. Basically, it becomes a reverse version of regular Scrabble and is also known as ‘RumDeWord’ or 'Reverse Word Game'.

The basic premise of the DeWordle game remains unchanged from regular Scrabble; players have to make use of their letters to form as many words as possible using one or more extra letters called ‘blanks’.

The objective of DeWordle, as the name implies, is to weave words in such a way that the final word makes sense, sounds logical, and makes sense grammatically.

You will see letters stacked horizontally, connected horizontally, or connected vertically. These will be used as part of your word throughout its course on the board. Think beyond these constraints and come up with an original solution for each puzzle!

How to play Dewordle

Using mouse


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