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Drop Letters

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Drop Letters

How many can you find? It’s not always easy to think this one through. But that’s what makes this game so fun! In this game, you must look at the picture below, and find the matching letter. If you see a word that starts with the letter you see, you must place a "drop letter" on the card below. Once you have placed the letter on the card, you cannot take it back! If you cannot find a match for the letter, or if you think the card has already received the letter, you must place a "drop letter" on the card below. Can you find as many as possible? This is a fun and addictive game for you and your

In this game you are to place the colored blocks in the circular slots in the correct order to form the matching colored block. You have to make sure that no two blocks of the same color touch each other. If you place a block in the wrong slot, the block will be removed from the game. You have to complete the level within the time limit. Can you complete all the levels? You will have an hour to complete as many levels as you can and try to beat the clock. You have one hour to place the colored blocks in the slots in the correct

Have you ever wondered how your favorite superheroes fly? Or maybe you’ve wondered what makes their abilities so fantastic? If so, this game is for you! In Super Drop Letters, you get to test your knowledge and observation skills as you play this free game. Super Drop Letters is a free game where you have to place the superhero’s letter in their respective drop zones to make them fly. If you love this game, check out these other educational games as

Let’s play a simple game! In this game, you have to get the required number of cards as possible. You have to find the hidden cards by moving them in the right direction from the drop zone. You can’t place any card back to the drop zone. If you can find all the cards in the puzzle within the given time limit, you can win the game. Sounds easy? Let’s play this game and see if you can get the cards within the given

Did you know that having the ability to read is not something that just a select few have? In fact, reading is a skill that can be learned at any age and by anyone. As long as you put in the effort, reading can open up so many opportunities for

How to play Drop Letters

Build words.

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