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Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

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Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

Word games are fun and a great way to expand your vocabulary. This character word game will help you in this regard as it tests your vocabulary and recognition skills. You have to know the meaning of the words and how they are spelled in order to succeed in this game. The game has multiple levels that will increase in difficulty as you advance. So, are you up for the challenge? It’s not easy being an animal! Your friends might be able to speak, run, crawl or swim – but only some of them can spell! We’ve gone through hundreds of animal names just to find these nine that spell like a champ: hare, hamster, hippopotamus, hyena, lynx, moose, panther, and porcupine. Don’t let those tricky words throw you; we’ve got a few tricks to help you get out of this mess… And back into the wild again! Play with Friends or by Yourself. Challenge friends via Facebook or Google+ or keep playing solo against the Ai's computers. Character Word Game Features: - Multiple Levels to Keep You Playing - Fun Character Word Puzzles from Around the World - Play Single player against AIs or challenge Friends via Facebook Leaderboard – see who can solve more puzzles without errors This is an online version of our previous offline game "Word Search Puzzle". 

This character puzzle game is a free fun brain teaser for all players! Challenge your friends or family members to see who can get the highest score! This is one of the most challenging word puzzles for all ages. Especially for those who love word games and animal pictures! It will test your logical thinking and visual memory skills. 

In this fun word puzzle game called Guess The Character, you have to guess the character hidden in the picture one by one. It will be harder as you proceed through the levels. The first few levels are fairly easy but as you advance, it gets progressively harder. There are several hints and hints of varying difficulty so don’t worry if you aren’t able to solve them all just yet! 

This fun puzzle game is all about helping the animals find their home. There are 4 different houses which are filled with cute and cuddly animals. All you need to do is help them find their new home by decoding clues hidden in beautiful pictures of the houses. 

Do you like playing word games? If so, then you will love this character word puzzle game. It is a fun and challenging game for everyone! Simply match the characters to reveal hidden answers.

How to play Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

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