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Idiom Hunt

In life, we often have to solve problems and find solutions. Whether you’re faced with a puzzle at work or need to crack the code of an unfamiliar situation, being able to think critically and logically can help you tackle these aid in your quest for logical thinking and problem solving, we bring you this list of Idiom Hunt puzzles that test your logic as well as your knowledge of idioms. An idiom is a word or phrase that cannot be understood by simply looking at its individual meanings.

If you’ve ever played the word-search game in a book, you’ll be familiar with the concept of an idiomatic hunt. The objective is to find as many hidden words as you can in a limited amount of time. Idiomatic means having the character or habit peculiar to a nation, people, or place. In this case, we mean idioms that are commonly used in English. An Idiom Hunt is like a word-search game where you have to circle an idiom instead of a word with its definition. 

In this ice-breaking challenge, you will be given three words. Each of these words is an "idiom" - a word that has a secondary meaning not directly related to its primary definition. To complete the challenge, you must identify the hidden meaning in each of the three words and then find those same meanings in a list of twenty potential answers. 

Think you know all the idioms in the world? Think again! This game will test your knowledge of common expressions and their meanings. Each level presents you with a list of clues and also some empty boxes -- which are the answer. You just have to figure out which words fit into each box. It won’t be easy, but if you love word puzzles and have sharp logic skills, then this is just the challenge you need. 

In Idiom Hunt you will find a set of challenging word searches with new and unusual phrases. An idiom is a common expression whose meaning is not obvious from the individual words in it. If you can find and connect all the hidden idioms in this puzzle, you’ll have a chance to win! The game features different idiomatic expressions. Some are more common than others.

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