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Migmighty Magiswords The Quest Of Tower

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Migmighty Magiswords The Quest Of Tower

This is Migmighty Magiswords – The Quest of the Tower! You must be a fan of the Magi series to enjoy this game, if you are not then don’t worry there are many games like this on Google Play Store. The quest of the tower is about 8 characters who are known as magicians. Each and every character has his or her own unique superpower which they gained from practicing magic and now they are called MIGMAGUWARS together with other magicians they form the MAGISWORD organization for solving challenges that pop up regularly across the kingdom. In this game, you will play as one of those magicians and you must find a way to defeat all your enemies so that you can get back to your MAGIC WORD base or any place where it belongs.

The Magnificent Magiswords are back, and this time they’re taking on the quest of Tower! This is a brand-new interactive scenario from the channel that brought you MEGAforce and MEGacres. The Magnificent Magiswords are trapped inside a magical video game console with no way out. To get themselves out, they must complete different mini-games as part of the quest of Tower. 

Hey guys! Today we bring you the first episode of the series Migmighty Magiswords. In today’s episode, we see how our heroes meet and get to know one another before their greatest challenge they realize they are being tested by a mysterious villain known only as The Tower. What happens if these five adventurers fail? Will they be able to face their greatest fear or will that fear cripple them for life? Follow us on Social Media for Updates.

A magical mystery tour awaits the brave and winsome Mumble and his trusty sidekick Snuzzle as they embark on an epic quest to find The Lost Magisword. As you explore different areas, meet curious characters and solve interesting puzzles, you must work out how to advance the game by finding matching words or phrases.

Migmighty is a cartoon game that is based on Cartoon Network’s Mixels series. In this game, you will take the control of some heroes and their friends as they try to save the land from a giant dragon known as “The Tower of Dragoria”. There are 6 characters that you can choose from. Each with its own unique abilities, weapons, and special challenges. 

How to play Migmighty Magiswords The Quest Of Tower

Using Mouse

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