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NYT Wordle

NYT Wordle is a popular word game that was influenced by the matching game Mastermind. Josh Wardle, a Welsh software developer who works for The New York Times, invented and produced it.

Find the hidden word in the daily NYT WORDLE puzzle. It is both simple to understand and difficult. Although it's not quite that simple, you can use all the letters to make as many words as you like.

Players must properly guess a five-letter word within six trials to win the game. Following each guess, a letter is given one of three colors: green, yellow, or gray. Gray means that the letter is not in the answer at all, whereas yellow and gray indicate that the letter is in the answer but not in the proper location. Only if the same letter also appears more than once in the answer will multiple occurrences of a letter in a guess, such as the "o"s in "robot," be highlighted in green or yellow. Otherwise, excessive repetitions of a letter will be highlighted in gray. Players must correctly guess letters that are highlighted in green and yellow in order to play the game in "hard mode." Everyday language is the same for everyone.

How to play NYT Wordle

You get 6 tries to guess a 5-letter target word. After each guess, the letters light up in various colors as clues.

  • Green means a letter is correct in this spot;
  • Yellow means a letter is elsewhere in the target word;
  • Gray means a letter is not in the target word at all.

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