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Basketball is a sport in which NBA players excel. Word searches are another skill they have, as we discovered through their Instagram game the previous week. How effective do you believe they are at matching terms to meanings, though?

It's not as simple as it seems to memorize vocabulary terms, which is why so many of us have turned to various methods of assessing our knowledge, including games like this one. Even though Poeltl and his teammates are professionals on the court, they have problems memorizing all those annoying vocabulary phrases. Are you prepared to test your knowledge? Before you fumble through the solutions below, see if you can complete this word search.

Poeltl game Wordle is a straightforward word search game for those who enjoy challenging themselves. The well-known Poeltl challenge from the early days of the internet served as inspiration for it.

Find all the hidden words in the above image by looking at it. Sounds basic? It's not as simple as you may assume, though. To complete this challenge, you must locate every single word that has been jumbled.

Simple rules apply: Locate every word in the aforementioned image, no more, no less! Have you prepared? So let's go.

How to play Poeltl

Using Mouse

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