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Wordle is a game that is very entertaining, simple to play, and drives everyone mad. Many players of the crossword puzzle game anxiously anticipate fresh challenges. Millions of people are interested in the game's many versions, including Pokedle, which combines Wordle and Pokemon.

The game of Pokedle is similar to Wordle. In this amazing game, you have to fill the entire grid with words or symbols.

It sounds simple, but it’s a challenge for everyone who plays it. Basically, it is a word game. In this game, players need to use their abilities to find the words that match with a specific letter or word pattern such as ‘b’, ‘e’ or ‘t’ etc. For example, we have shown you above that there are four different ways to make the word ‘pig’ in pokedle game.

How to play Pokedle

You will have the appropriate amount of guesses based on your current task ( 5, 6, 7....) If you accurately predicted the name of a pokemon, the results will indicate which words from your prediction are included in today's keyword.

Blue: The figure shows up in the pokedle and is positioned properly.

Yellow: The character appears in the word but is positioned incorrectly.

Gray: No such character in the term

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