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Pokedoku - Pokemon Grid Game

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Pokedoku - Pokemon Grid Game

About Pokedoku

Pokedoku - a captivating fusion of the Immaculate Grid concept and the enchanting world of Pokemon. Your mission? Solve a 3x3 grid in just nine calculated guesses, but this time with a delightful Pokemon twist. Ready to embark on this unique puzzle journey? Play now and embrace the challenge!

How to play Pokedoku

Pokedoku Grid Rules:

Your mission is to fill all nine cells with accurate Pokemon characters.

A meager nine guesses are at your disposal; precision is your ally.

Multiple correct answers may exist. For example, if a cell straddles Fire
and Fighting types, options like Blaziken and Infernape fit the bill.

No substitutions are allowed once a Pokemon is placed; your choice is final.

The Birth of Pokedoku

Pokedoku sprang to life when the concept ignited in the minds of Ryan and Joe. Their vision was simple: create a Pokemon-infused version of the increasingly popular online sudoku puzzles. Swiftly transitioning from concept to a full-fledged coding and web design endeavor, Pokedoku was born. While the precise launch date remains shrouded in mystery, Pokemon Grid has undeniably woven itself into the daily routine of Pokemon enthusiasts.

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