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Another guessing browser game that was developed as a result of Wordle's widespread appeal is Quolture. Like Moviedle, Box Office Game, and Framed, it bases its daily game on movies so that players can try to figure out which movie is being alluded to.

Quolture is a guessing game that requires you to use your imagination. The game concept of this game is very simple. You will have to guess the words that are hidden in the picture; however, the challenge lies in knowing which word the Quolture is hiding in the image. This browser game works on the same principle as Wordle; however, instead of generating words from different sources, it generates images from different sources and hides a word within them.

You will have to use your visual imagination as well as knowledge of English grammar to play this game effectively. Have fun!

How to play Quolture

Using Mouse

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