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Repeatle is a word-guessing game that challenges players to guess a word containing duplicate letters within a limited number of attempts, typically six tries. This game combines elements of wordplay, deduction, and strategy to provide an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience. Here's an overview of how the game "Repeatle" is likely to be played:

Game Overview:


The primary goal of Repeatle is for players to guess a secret word chosen by another player or generated by the game, which contains duplicate letters, within a specified number of attempts (usually six).


  1. Word Selection: A player, known as the "wordmaster," selects a word or phrase with repeating letters but keeps it hidden from the guesser(s). Alternatively, you can use word lists or online word generators to choose words.

  2. Guessing: The guesser(s) begin by making their first guess, suggesting a word that they believe contains repeating letters. The guesser(s) can also guess the letters themselves.

  3. Feedback: The wordmaster provides feedback on the guess. Typically, feedback includes indicating which letters are correct and in the correct position (bulls), which letters are correct but in the wrong position (cows), and which letters are entirely incorrect.

  4. Repeating the Process: The guesser(s) continue to make guesses, refining their word choices based on the feedback provided. The game proceeds until the guesser(s) successfully guess the secret word or until they've used up all their allowed attempts.

  5. Winning and Scoring: If the guesser(s) correctly guess the word containing duplicate letters within the allotted number of tries (usually six), they win the game. Players can keep track of their scores by noting the number of attempts it took to guess the word in each round.


  1. Difficulty Levels: You can adjust the game's difficulty by changing the number of allowed attempts. For instance, you can make it easier by allowing more tries or more challenging by reducing the number of attempts.

  2. Time Limits: To add an extra element of challenge, you can introduce time limits for each guess.

  3. Team Play: Repeatle can be played in teams, where one team selects the word, and the other team tries to guess it.

Educational Benefits:

Repeatle is not only an entertaining word game but also a useful tool for improving vocabulary, spelling, and deductive reasoning skills. It encourages players to think critically about letter patterns and word possibilities.

How to play Repeatle

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