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Slider Block Puzzle

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Slider Block Puzzle

Slider Block Puzzle is a beautiful 2D slide puzzle game with plenty of variety! Slider Block Puzzle - a classic sliding block puzzle game. Help the prince to get as far as possible by sliding the colored blocks in the correct order. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not. The obstacles are numerous and cleverly designed. If you get stuck, don’t worry! Simply move the sliders again from the beginning or restart from scratch. Simple, isn’t it? Good luck and have fun! This game is a great example of how to create a quality product with little effort. 

Candy Slider is a quick and fun sliding puzzle game. Your task is to get as much candy as you can in the indicated time. The more candy you get, the more points you will score. How to play: Tap on the screen to slide the candies. You can only slide candies that are touching the screen at any given time. Don’t let them fall into the abyss! 

How to play Slider Block Puzzle

Using Mouse

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