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Spin the Wheel: New Testament

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Spin the Wheel: New Testament

This is a simple free app with lots of fun! You can play this app with friends or family. It’s a lot of fun to play this quiz and watch the wheel spin. You will have tons of laughs while you challenge your friends or family to see who knows the Bible best! The game includes 25 Bible Trivia Questions in 5 Categories: Word, Name, Place, and Event. There are 10 different question categories for you to choose from. The default category is Word; depending on which one you choose, the other four categories will be listed below as well: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of the Revelation, and Jesus’s Life Events. 

Are you good at vocabulary and riddles? Do you want to test your knowledge of the New Testament? Well, then this game is for you! Spin The Wheel Bible Quiz will make you crack your knuckles, sweat buckets, and swear like a sailor. This is not just any ordinary quiz game. It is packed with more questions than you can answer in one sitting. Here are some of the things that make this particular quiz so challenging: - Questions range from easy to mind-bogglingly difficult. - You will have no idea where the next question might be coming from. - Answer choices are only given at certain points in the round.

This is a quiz app to test your knowledge of the New Testament. As you answer questions, the app will spin the wheel and randomly select one of the answers from the cars on it. If you get it right, you'll be rewarded with points. To increase your chances of getting a perfect score, read through each question before spinning the wheel so you’ll know what to expect. This app was made for Christians to test their knowledge of God’s Word. A perfect score is impossible unless you study God’s Word and apply what you learn regularly in your life.

So, do you fancy a bit of Trivia? Or maybe a challenge that'll sharpen your Word Skills? Well, we've got the perfect game for you! With only a few simple rules and brilliant graphics to keep everyone entertained - who knows? You might just get lucky! To play this quiz, simply answer the questions below. If you're playing against an opponent, use their answers as well. And if you’re playing against multiple people at once – so much the better!A young boy is spending the day playing with his friends in an old abandoned church. There is a strange contraption by the window that he can’t stop staring pushes a blue button and it spins around until it stops on one of the words etched in stone on the wall. He doesn’t know what it means but he knows something isn’t right. 

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