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Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

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Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

Old Testament Spin the Wheel is an entertaining trivia game. This game is enjoyable to play while driving or when you have some free time and want to kill some time. There are many hidden clues, puzzles, and puns in this word search puzzle game in the traditional style. You'll be occupied for many hours, if not days, by it!


+ Answer the 10 questions from the Old Testament by spinning the wheel (the Torah, the Pentateuch, or the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.)

+ Respond to 25 more questions in competitive mode regarding that subject. (harder)

+ For every letter of the alphabet, play a quick-witted word search game.

+ Complete 50 stages of progressively more challenging riddles. There are also two-player modes so you may compete against your pals.

There are many incredible tales in the Old Testament that are still talked about today. This age-old word game will put your understanding of the Old Testament to the test. Find out the text you'll be prompted to respond to by spinning the wheel. Use the letters from the selected text and any additional passages that might be used as responses to fill in the grid. Could it possibly become more challenging?

Spin The Wheel Old Testament features:

- Exciting, quick, and fun gameplay

- Six distinct spins for each level

- Every time you play, a new level with a distinct layout is generated randomly. There are also three varying levels of difficulty.

- Play using Google Play Games on your phone or tablet (inclusive of leaderboards)

For today's youth, Spin the Wheel is an educational game. It imparts knowledge of the Old Testament and its relevance to Christianity. With Spin The Wheel, you don't need to know any programming. Now let's play!

How to play Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

Left-click = spin the wheel and choose alphabets

Keyboard = guess the words

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