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Swiftle gives fans of Taylor Swift the chance to test their song-guessing skills by hearing song snippets. Any part of the song may be randomly chosen for each one- to five-second audio clip. If your guess is off, you can listen to the music for a few more seconds to get a better idea of the right answer.

How to play Swiftle

The guessing aspect of the game. There are six opportunities to identify a Taylor Swift song. You may hear a Taylor Swift song by briefly pressing the top circular play button. Don't forget to pay close attention. After watching the video and learning the song's name, enter it in the box below and hit Enter. Just input the song's name if you can't recall the whole title. The drop-down box will display the song's complete name.

If you can't find the music, don't worry. There are further five opportunities. If you are uncertain, hazard a guess. You have five chances to try again if you make a mistake. The music will swell by one second for each incorrect response. Alternatively, you may choose to disregard it, but would a true Swiftie do that?

Each incorrect estimate will have a red accent. It will be marked in yellow if your assumption was incorrect and the song is from the same Taylor Swift album. You should be directed in the proper path by this. It will be marked in green if you provided the correct response.

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