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Trordle is a game where you need to guess Three words of 5 letter at once and have only 8 attempt. The Trordle is a web-based 3-5 Letter word guess game that is free to play where Players have Eight tries to guess a five-letter word.

Three Wordle grids are placed side by side in the game Trordle. There are five letters in each grid, eight guesses, and squares that are greyed out for letters that aren't in the solution, yellow for letters that are in the wrong location, and green for letters that are in the solution.

There is a "free trordle" mode in addition to the "daily trordle" mode that enables you to play as many games as you like. Any day, any time, you are free to play as much as you choose. Every time, you are given three words to guess correctly in no more than eight tries.

How to play Trordle

Using mouse


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