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Watermelon Game

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Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game is a popular and entertaining outdoor activity often enjoyed at picnics, family gatherings, and summer parties. This simple yet enjoyable game is perfect for all ages and can be played with minimal equipment. It typically involves watermelons, hence the name, but you can use other fruits if you prefer.


The objective of the Watermelon Game is to compete in various challenges and activities centered around a watermelon. Participants form teams or play individually, and they must complete the tasks to win the game.


  1. Watermelons (or any large, round fruit like a cantaloupe, pumpkin, or even a large ball)
  2. A knife for slicing the watermelon (adult supervision required)
  3. A designated play area or field

Game Variations:

  1. Watermelon Eating Contest: In this version, participants compete to see who can eat the most watermelon in a set amount of time. To make it more challenging, you can add rules like "hands behind your back" or "no using utensils."

  2. Watermelon Relay Race: Teams compete in a relay race while carrying a watermelon. Each member must pass the watermelon to the next teammate without dropping it. The first team to complete the relay wins.

  3. Watermelon Seed-Spitting Contest: This classic variation involves participants spitting watermelon seeds for distance. The person who spits the seed the farthest wins.

  4. Watermelon Bowling: Set up a row of bowling pins and use a watermelon as the bowling ball. Participants take turns rolling the watermelon to knock down the pins.

  5. Watermelon Toss: Teams or individuals take turns tossing a watermelon as far as they can. The one who throws it the farthest wins.

  6. Watermelon Balance Relay: Participants must balance a watermelon on their heads or other body parts and race to a finish line. Dropping the watermelon results in a penalty.

  7. Watermelon Hunt: Similar to an Easter egg hunt, hide small watermelon slices or pieces and let participants search for them. The one who finds the most pieces or the special "golden" piece wins.

  8. Watermelon Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course with various challenges that require carrying, rolling, or maneuvering a watermelon through obstacles.

Scoring and Rules:

The rules and scoring for the Watermelon Game can vary based on the chosen variation. You can assign points for different achievements, such as distance in seed-spitting, the number of pins knocked down in bowling, or time taken in relay races.

Safety Considerations:

  • Ensure adult supervision if knives are involved in slicing the watermelon.
  • Keep the play area safe and free of obstacles to prevent accidents.
  • Hygiene is essential. Make sure participants wash their hands before engaging in any activities that involve eating the watermelon.

Watermelon Game is a fun and light-hearted way to enjoy the outdoors, encourage friendly competition, and relish the sweet, juicy goodness of watermelons. It's a perfect addition to any summer gathering or picnic, offering entertainment and refreshment simultaneously.

How to play Watermelon Game

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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