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Wood Block Puzzle

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Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle - This is a simple and fun game. There are some identical colored wooden blocks on the top of the board. Some are solid while others are hollow. You need to make different combinations of horizontal or vertical lines to get points and clear the level.

Combinations of blocks can be made horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can chain combos if they are adjacent in the same row but not next to each other in adjacent rows. Your aim is to make matches at least once in every horizontal line or vertical column before moving on to the next one. The more lines you clear before the time runs out, the more points you earn.

The game has 8 levels with increasing difficulty levels where you need to complete them as quickly as possible without making any mistakes while dealing with situations like unevenness, color change, and more. Check out these screenshots that show how it looks on mobile devices with high-resolution graphics (iPhone X).

This Wooden Puzzle Game is suitable for all ages and skill levels. It challenges your logic and thinking skills by solving puzzles, which often require you to think outside the box. You don’t need any other tools or gadgets to play this game; all you need is a pencil, paper, and patience. You can also play this puzzle with friends or family members. You can play either individually or with others as long as everyone agrees to do it cooperatively. If you have 20 minutes spare, give this game a try!

How to play Wood Block Puzzle

Using Mouse


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