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Word Bird

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Word Bird

Word Bird is a word puzzle game. To play the game you need to combine 2 or more letters to form a valid word. The longer the word, the higher your score will be! The rules are simple and easy to learn. If you love solving puzzles, This amazing game is definitely for you! The goal of This amazing game is to eliminate all letters from a given puzzle. Letters can be eliminated in two ways: by pairing them with another letter or by forming three or more identical letters within that pair. When a player clears an individual letter, it will change color as well as any other letters that have been paired with it. This way, if you clear a few letters of the same color blue), they will also change color so that the cleared letter does not stand out from the others when it changes color again later on. The player loses if no more moves are possible after taking into consideration all hints and sparkles left behind. This game features 30 different puzzles where difficulties increase gradually through each level until solving the final one at the expert level (the last puzzle can be solved in only one attempt). There are 3 difficulty levels available: Easy, Medium, and Expert - each one progressively harder than the previous one: Easy > Medium > Expert In addition to this, there are 4 hints levels available: 1 hint > 2 hints > 3 hints > 4 hints, However, these two options cannot be used simultaneously - in other words, you must choose either 1.

Word Bird is an HTML5 word puzzle game where you have to find the hidden words. Tap on the letters and drag them to their places. If there are several letters with the same color, you can select from them by tapping on the word. A hint will be displayed at the bottom of the screen for every wrong word that you tap. You will get more hints and clues if you play this game frequently. This game has some interesting features like * Word Search - You can also play a word search type game where you have to find as many words as possible that start with a certain letter or set of letters and ends with a certain letter or set of letters in 30 seconds time. * Letter Pairs - To make it easier, This one shows the letter pairs after giving you hints so that you can complete the puzzle quicker. * Hints - You can get one hint free every 10 minutes but beyond that, it costs 25 tokens per hint. 

This one is a word puzzle game with enjoyable and simple gameplay. Each word in the puzzle has two hidden pictures of animals. You need to find all the hidden pictures of the same animal and make a chain. The longer the word, the more points you will get! Aim for high scores as well and train your vocabulary! Feel free to challenge your friends on Google Play leaderboards, or invite them on through Facebook integration! - Easy Learning interface, just touch and drag to connect words. - Stunning HD graphics, cute bird drawings, and natural sounds create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Word Bird is an HTML5 game. It is a word puzzle where you have to match the given words with their correct meanings. You can play this game with a mouse and keyboard, but we recommend using a mobile device for playing it. Its challenging level and different themes make it a perfect casual game for any length of time. A player must use their brain to solve this game and attain a high score.


How to play Word Bird

 Drag the left mouse button on the selected words.

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