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Word Splice

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Word Splice

Word Splice is a word game in which players split the word at random and build words from the letters. The first player to build three homotheticals (words that form a sentence by adding the words "self", "and", and "you") wins.

Word Splice is a game of skill and luck. Some words are more likely to appear than others, but no player knows which words will show up. Therefore, the best strategy is to be as liberal as possible.

Players are dealt a hand of five cards. Each word is displayed on a separate card, and players place the cards in front of them in word order. The player must then choose one of their five cards, removing it from the word order. The word order is then passed to the next player, who places a card from their hand in the order.

Have you ever had a sentence come out of your mouth and immediately regret it? You know, like what you just said? Words can be so powerful when they’re used in the right way. In our favorite card game, Word Splice, players are trying to make their word cards as interesting as possible. While others are going for the boring, basic word cards. This can often lead to some awkwardness in situations like the one above. Put your word skills to the test and learn how to spot word splices.

How to play Word Splice

Press left mouse button to choose a bubble.

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