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Word Twister

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Word Twister

Word Twister is a matching game in which you have to make words from a list of letters. You will see a word on the screen and you need to type the next letter to make that word. Once you find the matching pair, you will see a + in front of the word. Then you need to drag the letter to the right place to make the word. If you make a mistake, you might see a red cross next to the word. When you are done, click on ‘SPLIT’ to see all the answers. This simple game will help you to improve your vocabulary and train yourself.

The Word Twister is a fun word game that is played with two or more people. The name of the game is similar to that of a word puzzle, but it is actually a form of word association or logic puzzle. The object of the game is to make a person guess a word from the clues given based on the letters already used in the word. The clues for the word twister is multiple choice answers for a specific word.

The answers can be one or more of the following: This is how you play the word twister:

- You need to tell your partner the word you want to form from the letters already given.
- The other person then gives you a list of multiple choice answers for the word.
- From the answers, you choose the one that makes the most sense. For example, if your partner says ‘tree’ then you need to guess that the word you want to form is ‘jungle’.

Have you ever played a game called ‘ Word Twister ’? If not, then you need to play it right now! It is a fun and simple game that involves twisting a set of words to form different meanings. In this blog post, you will learn how to create your own word twister game in HTML5 and CSS3 using pure Javascript and no third-party libraries.

How to play Word Twister

Drag the left mouse button

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