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Wordie! Even though it’s our first game, we already know there’s a lot about mobile games that makes sense. We also know there’s a lot that doesn’t. So – is This amazing game the game for you?

Are you a word aficionado? Do you love word puzzles? Do you love to speed-test your vocabulary? If your answer to any of these is yes, then you’ll love the Wordie game, the new word puzzle game from Swedish developer, KAYAC.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck on a complex crossword? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Crosswords are one of the most difficult puzzles to solve. They require you to think in a unique way, and that is why they are so popular. Whether you like them for the challenge or you just love a good ol’ fashioned brain-twister, everyone can enjoy a good crossword once in a while. With that being said, what better way to kill time than with a crossword? If you are not sure where to start with crosswords or you are ready to try something new, you are in the right place.

Based on the popular word games of yore, This amazing game tasks players with deciphering a list of words in order to complete a crossword puzzle. Each word in the list has been encoded as a letter and an image, as in Scrabble. Players can use their vocabulary to solve crossword puzzles and earn points, which unlock more words, letters, and images to complete more difficult puzzles. The game also features achievements, leaderboards, a word museum, and a word encyclopedia. So, if you love word games and the crossword puzzle, check out Wordie now!

How to play Wordie

Mouse or tap to move letters around the sides.

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