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Words in Ladder

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Words in Ladder

A game of words is a linguistic riddle, a mental word game in which the players (usual teams of two) must use their wits and vocabulary to outthink their opponents. While some games are simply designed to be mind-stretching experiences, others offer players an opportunity to show off their knowledge and skills. In A Ladder, a game, anagram, multiplayer, puzzle, word, puzzle, you and your teammates take on the role of writers competing to create the most original solutions to written word games. The opposing team has constructed a phrase made up of one or more common words found within a particular theme. They’ve also provided you with a series of letters that spell out the theme. Your job is to fill in the blank spaces with words that form a unique phrase using onlyWordsInLadderWordAnagrams as your keywords. Working as pairs or as teams, you must use your wit and vocabulary to guess what the other team’s letter string means. 

If you love words and puzzles, this game is for you. Ladder is a word game where you have to climb a ladder to find the words that start with the letter you're looking for. Once you learn how to play, it's very simple to understand and play. The more words you can find with different starting letters, the higher score you get.

In this game, players must race words to form a sentence that starts with them. For example, if the word in your sentence is “game”, you can use any of the letters in “game” such as gg, gg, gt, etc to make that word form your sentence. 

How to play Words in Ladder

Using Mouse

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