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Yummy Word

Do you love cupcakes? If so, then you will love this delicious word game. It is called Cupcake Word Mania and it is an awesome word puzzle game for Android users. The goal of this game is to use the letters that are already in the grid to create words with the help of the hints that are provided earlier in the level. The more difficult levels require more concentration and thinking ability as well as a good strategy to solve them. Moreover, there are 3 different modes and scores for each level. 

The word yummy is a combination of two words, yummy and fat. It means something that is delicious. Sometimes it can be used to refer to someone or something that is very attractive. There are many ways in which we can make our food more appealing. But the question is, with all these new-fangled ways of cooking, are we losing the art of cooking from scratch? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about how.

You are a super chef and you want to prepare the best cake that you can. There are lots of ingredients at your disposal: some with sweet flavors and others with less sugar, but equally delicious. Some ingredients even have special properties that will make your cake more delicious or even more nutritious. 

Cat loves playing with her friends, who all love to play games as well. One day, she asked if anyone has a new game for them to play. Her friends gladly agreed and suggested a new word game for everyone to try out. Join Cat in this new yummy word game that’ll be sure to have everyone


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