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The Reader's Encounter

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The Reader's Encounter

The Readerx27s Encounter is a text-based, interactive novel. The player reads through an account of an x-ray technician named Jack who works at an unnamed hospital and x-rays various patients every day. Every time he finishes reading one patient, he must x-ray another patient without having any idea who they are or why they are being X-rayed. 

The readerx27s encounter is a text based puzzle game for explorers who enjoy thinking outside the box and solving challenging puzzles. This game offers a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. This game is a collection of over 90 self-contained puzzles that explore themes of narrative, storytelling, and the role of the reader in creating meaning from texts.

When readers encounter a story, they enter into an encounter that is unique to them and the text they are reading. Readers respond to this engagement in different ways that depend on their age, interests, and culture. They analyze the characters and settings, consider the plot twists and subtexts, wonder about what it means for them as readers, creators, friends, or family members, etc.

This blog is about your experience with the game, The Readerx27s Encounter. If you havenx27t played it yet, then read this post first to know more about the game and its significance. This game is a text-based logic puzzle that can be played on mobile phones and PCs. It uses different words and phrases from the English language to create a beautiful story. 

This book is a game. It’s also a story, and it’s also a puzzle. But you don’t have to read it that way—if you want, that is. This book invites many reads because different people see different things in different ways. 

How to play The Reader's Encounter

Create a new word by dragging letters to swap them and clicking to delete a letter. Hints activate after 5 manipulations at each level.

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